Dependable performance Seaing Ring for EH oil system DYS1-01-00-06
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Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is located in Deyang, Sichuan, provides different kinds of industrial products and brands. Our company is specialized in researching and developing hear-resisting and wear-resisting materials. As a pump and valve manufacturer ourselves, we also offer other brands both domestic and from abroad.

Seaing Ring for EH oil system DYS1-01-00-06

Low temp superheater Anti-wear tile     R=24

HPMSV Actuator      D210H-431000A

LVDT Position Sensor       DET100A

HP inlet pipe flange gasket      D660P-021001A

Rotation Speed Monitor  DF9011(DEA)

Shutdown electromagnet        W.49.A.007

Seaing Ring for EH oil system  DYS1-01-00-06

LVDT Sensor     2000TDZ-AG

LVDT Sensor     1000TDZ-AG

Signal Converter      DF-KTVI-1 0204

Rotation Speed Sensor    CS-1 D-065-05-01

Spring, BFP Turbine Diaphragm Gland Seal     D7A-160000A001

LVDT Position Sensor       ZDET50B

position key      D00.050.015

Servo Card        DMSVC003

Waterproof and Explosion-Proof Level Switch         OWK-1G

ICBC滤芯        A911302

LVDT Position Sensor       TDZ-1B-02

ICV Bolt   D1000A-265400A004

MSV Gasket     D1000A-265000A003

Seaing Ring for EH oil system DYS1-01-00-06

Rotation Speed Sensor    ZS-02

PD Fan cylinders connecting rod joint bearing         GU24036-22

Vaccum pump with motor        30SPEN

OPC solenoid valve  ZD.02.AA.004

Pulse Amplification Card 3L8041-2V

Oil feeder          D80C-589000A

IP MSV Actuator      D125A-433000A

Braun Card       W.39.Z.00182

EH Oil circulation pump   D300N-5899800A

Signal Acquisition Card    3L4645

Accumulator bladder       SB330-50A1/114A9-330A 50L

Pin    D600B-265500A003

Seaing Ring for EH oil system DYS1-01-00-06


Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is an industrial supplier based on Deyang, known as the city of heavy industry in China. We are specialized in manufacturing and trading the spare parts of power unit, including filter and filter elements, sealants, sensors, pumps, valves and other work pieces.



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