high quality globe valve SHV9.6 use for power plant
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The valve plays an important role in cutting and throttle the medium in the pipeline in which it is located. As an extremely important truncated valve, the globe valve SHV9.6 is sealed by applying torque to the stem, the stem exerts pressure on the valve in the axial direction, so that the valve seal face is closely fitted to the seat sealing surface to prevent the medium along the cover. Gap leakage.

The sealing pair of the globe valve SHV9.6 is composed of a disc sealing cover and a valve seat sealing surface, and the valve rod drives the disc to move perpendicularly along the centerline of the valve seat. The opening and closing process of the globe valve is small, easy to adjust the flow, and easy to manufacture and maintain.

globe valve SHV9.6globe valve SHV9.6

Compared with another commonly used truncated valve in industrial production, the globe valve is simpler in structure and easier to manufacture and maintain than the former. From the service life, the close cover of the cut-off valve is not easy to wear and scrape, and there is no relative sliding between the valve and the sealing cover of the valve during the opening and closing of the valve. Therefore, the wear and abrasion of the sealing surface is small, so the life cut-off valve of the sealing pair is improved in the full closed process, and the height of the valve is smaller than that of the valve. The shortcoming of the shut-off valve is that the opening and closing moment is large and it is difficult to realize fast opening and closing. Because the flow path of the valve is tortuous and the fluid flow resistance is large, the fluid power is lost in the pipeline.

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globe valve SHV9.6globe valve SHV9.6


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