Quality qualified EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004 by yoyik
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Quality qualified EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004 by yoyik

 EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004 Effect

1, supply bearings, lubricate and cool bearings to all bearings of the unit.2, supply speed regulation system and protection device to maintain sufficient pressure oil. High voltage electric pump (speed regulating oil pump) function: when the steam turbine starts or stops, the main oil pump does not work normally, it is used to supply power oil and lubricating oil. It is also used for the static characteristic test of the regulating system after shutdown.

 EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004

 EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004 Installation instructions:

1, the pump installation is good or bad, the smooth operation and life of the pump has a very important impact, so the installation and correction must be carefully carried out, not to act hastily.

2, the installation height, length and diameter of the pump suction pipe should meet the calculated value, so as to make every effort to be short, reduce unnecessary loss (such as elbow etc.) and ensure that the pump does not exceed the allowable cavitation allowance when the pump is working.

3. There should be a bracket in the suction and discharge lines. The pump is not allowed to bear the load of the pipe.

4, the location of the installation of the pump should be spacious enough to facilitate maintenance.

 EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004EH oil main pump W.02.A.0004



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