oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W manufacture by yoyik
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This series of oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W are installed in the oil road of the hydraulic system to remove the worn metal powder and other mechanical impurities in the hydraulic system to keep the oil road clean and prolong the life of the hydraulic system, and the low-pressure series filter core also has a bypass valve.

oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-Woil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W

oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W features:
1. good filtration performance and uniform filtration capacity for 2-200um filtration.
2. corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance.
3. stainless steel filter core has uniform pore size and precise filtration accuracy.
4. stainless steel filter core unit area of the flow of large;
5. stainless steel filter core is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environment.

oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-Woil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W
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oil-return working filter DR405EA03V/-W


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