yoyik sales Insulation Bush 4Q7574 for power plant use
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Insulating sleeves can be divided into power plants and electrical appliances according to their usage. The former is mainly through wall bushing, and the latter has transformer bushing, capacitor bushing and circuit breaker bushing. According to the insulation structure, it can be divided into single insulated bushing, composite insulating sleeve and capacitive bushing.

Insulation Bush 4Q7574 is made of pure porcelain or resin insulation and is often made into wall bushing for voltage levels of 35 thousand volts or below. The insulating parts are tubular, and the middle part is clamped or glued flanges for fixing on the perforated wall. Flanges are usually gray cast iron. When working current is greater than 1500, nonmagnetic materials are often used to reduce heat. The insulation structure of single insulated bushing can be divided into two categories: air cavity and air cavity short circuit. The air cavity sleeve is used for the voltage level of 10 thousand volts and below, and there is an air cavity between the conductor and the porcelain sleeve as auxiliary insulation, which can reduce the capacitance of the casing, increase the corona voltage and the flashover voltage of the casing. When the voltage level is higher (20~30 kV), corona will occur inside the air chamber, and the above effect will be invalid. Then the air cavity short circuit structure is adopted. The porcelain sleeve of the porcelain bushing is coated with a semiconductor glaze and connected with a conductor by a spring sheet to make the air cavity short circuited to eliminate the internal corona. But there may still be corona and slippery flanges near flanges. A large umbrella skirt on the surface of the flanges is usually arranged on both sides of the flanges, and the electric field is evenly distributed in a semi conductive layer near the flange to improve the discharge characteristics of the casing.

Insulation Bush 4Q7574Insulation Bush 4Q7574

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