Oil-water alarm OWK-2 manufacture by yoyik
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The Oil-water alarm OWK-2 means the alarm of the water level by mechanical or magnetic induction, the sound and light alarm, or the magnetic alarm at the same time control the pump and other equipment to start or stop.

Oil-water alarm OWK-2Oil-water alarm OWK-2

It is controlled by an electronic water level switch and a matching water level controller. The principle of electronic water level switch is to detect the water level through an electronic probe, and then process the detected signal by the special chip of the water level detection. When the measured liquid reaches the action point, it outputs high or low level signals, and then matches the water level controller, output relay switch signal number, or direct power supply to the alarm. The current alarm function for liquid level. The electronic water level switch does not need to float the ball and the dry reed tube. There is no mechanical action outside, it is durable, it is not afraid of the influence of floating objects, it is installed at any angle, and the vertical installation has a certain anti wave function. This method is more practical, and is resistant to pollution, long life and safe.

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