Dongfang yoyik offer Support bearing J12A-243000A
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Dongfang yoyik offer Support bearing J12A-243000A

Support bearing J12A-243000A (also known as the main bearing) of many forms, according to bearing support can be divided into two types of fixed and self - position, according to the axle bush can be divided into cylindrical bearing, oval bearing, multi oil wedge bearing and tilting bearing and so on.

 Support bearing J12A-243000A

(1) Fixed bearing bearing: its bearing body is cylindrical outside, the axle bush is made up of upper and lower half. The lower axle bush is supported on three carbon steel padding blocks. The pad is fixed with the bolt with the axle bush, and the axle bush is generally cast with high quality cast iron.

Support bearing J12A-243000A

(2) Self supporting bearing: spherical support bearing, the outer surface of the bearing body is spherical, and is fitted with a spherical bolster fitted with it. Due to the use of spherical pillow, the bearing can automatically adjust the position with the change of the vertical arc of the spindle in operation, so that the shaft is parallel to the bearing, and the oil film is even stable.

Support bearing J12A-243000A

(3) Three oil wedge bearing: the horizontal plane of the bearing is tilted and tilted 35 degrees; the upper half tile has two fixed oil wedges, and the lower half tile has a fixed oil wedge. When the shaft neck rotates, the oil film is built by the three oil wedges. The pressure of the oil film is on the three direction of the shaft diameter. The pressure produced by the lower oil wedge is loaded, and the pressure produced by the upper two small oil wedges makes the shaft run smoothly. As a result of the effect of two oil wedges, the vibration resistance of the three wedge shaft is improved.

Support bearing J12A-243000A

(4) A tilting bearing support bearing: this kind of bearing is composed of 3-5 or more arc shaped tiles, which can be freely swinging with different speed or load when working, and a multi oil wedge is formed around the neck of the shaft. It has a high degree of stability.


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