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Servo system (servomechanism), also known as servo system, is a feedback control system for precisely following or reproducing a certain process. The servo system controls the position, orientation and state of the object, and the output can be controlled automatically according to the arbitrary change of the input target (or given value). Its main task is to control the requirements of the command, to magnify, transform and control the power, so that the torque, speed and position control of the output of the driving device are very flexible and convenient. In many cases, the servo system refers to a feedback control system that is controlled by the amount of control (the output of the system) is a mechanical displacement or displacement speed and acceleration. The function of the servo system is to make the output mechanical displacement (or angle) accurately track the input displacement (or angle), and its structure and other forms of feedback control system are not. The difference in principle.

The Servo Card DMSVC003 has good stability: after the disturbance on the system is disappearing, the system can be restored to the original stable state, or under the action of the input signal, the system can reach the new stable running state. Under the given input or external interference, the system can reach the new or after the transient adjustment process. Back to the original state of balance

Servo Card DMSVC003Servo Card DMSVC003Servo Card DMSVC003Servo Card DMSVC003

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