MOOG brand new servo valve J761-003A
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The structure of servo valve is complex, high cost and high quality and cleanliness of oil. The servo valve J761-003A is composed of permanent magnet torque motor, nozzle, gear plate, valve core, valve sleeve and control cavity. The displacement of the valve core is proportional to the input current of the torque motor. The fluid pressure acting on the valve core is balanced with the spring force, so the differential current of the torque motor is proportional to the displacement of the valve core in the balance state. If the input current is reversed, the flow will also be reversed.

servo valve J761-003Aservo valve J761-003Aservo valve J761-003A

Electro-hydraulic servo valve J761-003A  is widely used in electro-hydraulic position, speed, acceleration, force servo system, and servo vibration generator. It has the advantages of small size, compact structure, high power amplification factor, high precision, good straightness, low dead zone, high sensitivity, good dynamic performance and quick response speed.


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