Dongfang DFC offer Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011
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Dongfang DFC offer Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011

The tachometer can receive the input signals from the magnetoelectric speed, magnetoresistance speed or eddy current sensor system, and continuously measure and monitor the speed of the machine, and provide the basis for the machine.

The DF9011 Rotation Speed Monitor is suitable for measuring the speed of the head of the eastern unit, controlling the turret and so on. It can also be used for the measurement of critical speed.

 Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011

Passive probe for Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011 matching:

The commonly used model is: DF6101-005-065-01-03-00-00

 Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011

Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011 can be equipped with two types of active probes:

1: DF6202 magnetoresistive speed sensor probe

2: DF3100 eddy current sensor probe

The above two specifications probe: to determine the installation of thread specifications, to understand the range of the speed measured, to select the corresponding probe (including the eddy current sensor probe, preposition, extension cable, to determine the length of the probe shell and thread specifications, extension cable part of the need for armoured protection)

Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011

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