Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1 for power plant use
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Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1 is a kind of single component and paste sealant. It is a kind of high temperature sealant of high quality sealant for industrial use, which can withstand hot steam, gas, heat, cold water, light fuel, lubricants, crude oil and natural gas, which can withstand up to 900 degrees.

Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1

DFSS Oriental steam turbine cylinder seal grease is MF and MFZ upgrading products. It is specially used for sealing the joint of power station and industrial steam turbine cylinder body. It is a single component without solvent and 100% solid content. No asbestos, halogen and other harmful components to the human body, can withstand high temperature, its performance index can fully meet the operating requirements of the units below 300MW or more than 600MW; it can be used alone, and can also be used in combination with copper asbestos gaskets for high temperature sealing of other high temperature hot stove flanges.

Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1

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