Reliable quality YOYIK epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3
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Reliable quality YOYIK epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 is made by the esterification polymerization of epoxy resin and dry vegetable oleic acid at high temperature, and then diluted with xylene and butanol. The paint is fast drying and resistant to chemical gas corrosion. It has the properties of moisture resistance and insulation. It is E grade insulating varnish. The paint is suitable for the surface sealing and sealing of the motor and electrical appliances Rao group and the insulation coating of other electrical components.

 epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

1. appearance: yellow brown transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities.

2 viscosity: coated -4 viscometer, 25 + 1 C (s) 50-703

 epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

Acid value: (mgKOH/g) less than 154

Solid content: (%) > 45

Drying time: () 25 + 1 C: less than 2460 + 2 C: less than 2

Breakdown strength: ()

Normal: more than 30 immersion: > 8

 epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

Note (1) the storage period of this product is 1 years.

(2) project 6 paint film treatment, the first paint 25 + 1 24h, and then dip second paint 25 + 1 C 72h after testing.

epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

Construction reference process

1 the paint can be impregnated, sprayed and brushed.

2 refer to the drying time of 25 + 1 24h or 60 + 2 C 2H

3 the paint should be selected as the the Great Wall brand 111 diluent.

 epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3



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