brand new LVDT Position Sensor ZDET100B use for power plant
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LVDT Position Sensor ZDET100B, also known as linear sensor, is a linear device that belongs to metal induction. The function of sensor is to convert all kinds of measured physical quantities into electricity. In the production process, the displacement measurement is generally divided into two types: measuring the physical size and the mechanical displacement. According to the different forms of measured variables, displacement sensors can be divided into two types: analog and digital. Simulation can be divided into two types: physical and structural.

brand new LVDT Position Sensor ZDET100Bbrand new LVDT Position Sensor ZDET100Bbrand new LVDT Position Sensor ZDET100B

The commonly used displacement sensors are mostly analog structure type, including potentiometer displacement sensor, inductance displacement sensor, self adjusting machine, capacitive displacement sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, Holzer displacement sensor and so on. An important advantage of the digital displacement sensor is that it is easy to send signals directly into the computer system. This kind of sensor develops rapidly and is applied more and more widely.

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