self-locking nut of Air gap diaphragm 2Q2398 supply by yoyik
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The self-locking nut of Air gap diaphragm 2Q2398 is a nut that can be locked by friction. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the self-locking nut was invented. The function of self locking nut is mainly to prevent loosening and vibration resistance. For special occasions. Its working principle is usually self - locking by friction. Self locking nuts are classified according to their functions. They are made of nylon rings, necked and metal loosening devices. They are all effective torque locknut (see GB/T3098.9-2002 national standard).

self-locking nut of Air gap diaphragm 2Q2398

self-locking nut of Air gap diaphragm 2Q2398 is a new type of high anti-vibration and anti-loosening fastening parts, which can be used in various mechanical and electrical products with temperature ranging from - 50 to 100%. The demand for the nylon self locking nut is greatly increased by electrical products and various kinds of machinery. This is because its anti vibration and anti loosening performance is much higher than that of other kinds of anti loosing devices, and the vibration life of the nut should be several times or even several times higher.

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