rotor slot wedge assembly 1Q3353 manufacture by yoyik
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rotor slot wedge assembly 1Q3353 is used to fix generator windings. The winding goes down to the slot of the generator core, and the slot wedge is inserted on it to fix the winding, so as to avoid the slippage of the winding during operation.

Insulation of coils and slots in fixed slots. The function of slot wedge is to seal slots, tighten insulating paper and coils, prevent loosening, and fix coils to reduce noise. It can greatly reduce the no-load current and loss of the motor, significantly improve the efficiency of the motor and save electricity. Reduce the temperature rise and operation noise of the motor, prolong the life of the motor, and improve the reliability of the motor operation.

The eries of products are:

PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 1Q3301-33
Polyester fiberglass tape 0.15*25 1Q1602-22
slot wedge & strip assembly 2Q2939
rotor slot wedge assembly 1Q3353
aluminum bronze slot wedge orging-blank 3Q6193
slot wedge Corrugated strip 3Q7740
insulating tube 4QG1260
insulating sleeve 4Q12825
bearing insulating Resistance measuring terminal assembly 1Q7722-S
polyester varnished glass cloth tape 2440
epoxy glass fiber board 3240
coated Glass fabric DECJ0703
red insulating varnish 183


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