EH oil main pump WZK.W.02.2.000008 supply by yoyik
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In order to ensure the reliability of the oil supply system, two high-pressure variable piston pumps (EH oil main pump WZK.W.02.2.000008) are arranged in parallel under the tank (for the convenience of pump maintenance and positive pressure suction) and are independent of each other. Each pump is equipped with a filter at the suction port of the tank to filter EH oil.

When the system is running, it can be switched periodically (for one month) to keep the two pumps in good working condition. When the unit shuts down for a long time and needs to be restarted, the main oil pump should start the oil cycle 10 hours ahead of schedule.

The eries of products are:

globe valve SHV9.6
servo valve W.01.J.000172
servo valve W.01.J.0054
servo valve w.01.j.0101
EH oil main pump  WZK.W.02.2.000008
stator cooling water pump  YCZ50-250C
stator cooling water pump  YCZ50-250A
level switch OWK-1G
servo valve DJSV-005A
servo valve W.01.J.0021
EH oil main pump  WZK.W.02.8.000006
shutdown electromagnet 3YV


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