Stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1 for yoyik
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Stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1 is controlled by computer, and the line is arranged evenly, which can fully guarantee the comprehensive performance of the product. In addition, the 304 stainless steel porous support tube is used. The high strength of WFF-125-1 stator cooling water filter element can absolutely withstand the instantaneous high pressure impact during the resin film explosion and backwashing process, and ensure that the filter element does not deform and the polypropylene fiber material does not fall off. 

Stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1

Characteristics of stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1:
1. Continuous polypropylene filament winding filter element, all parameters of filter element are arranged by computer to ensure the comprehensive performance of the product.;
2. Filtration with uniform length/resin coating;
3. All stainless steel central pipe with threaded interface and connectors;
4. Special design for backwashing operation;
5. High pollution interception capacity of full length.
Stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1
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