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Steam inlet parts

A. steam lead pipe: Send the steam through regulating steam valve into the nozzle chamber of steam turbine.

Guide steam pipe bolt  D00.011.360 M42*140

IP guide steam pipe bolt stud  25CR2MOVA M422*2880/GB901C-76

HP guide steam pipe flange bolt  D42.291.009

IP guide steam pipe Sealing gasket  D600C-029800A009

HP guide steam pipe flange bolt  D660S+021000A

HP guide steam pipe flange gasket  D600C-029800A010

B. nozzle chamber: Send the steam to steam turbine blading components directly; the first stage nozzle (set) of a steam turbine is fixed on the upper side.

4# Nozzle group D55B-041000A001

1# Nozzle group  D60A-041000A001

nozzle D350F-036100A005

C. Regulating steam valve: Used to change the amount of steam entering the turbine, regulate the speed or power of the turbine, and control the flow area of the first stage (high pressure regulating steam valve).

 IP regulating valve stem D600B-265400A001

Regulating steam valve hydraulic actuator O-rings A156.33.01.10

D. Main steam valveThe main components of the turbine protection device,the role of protecting the safety of steam turbine.

Main steam valve stem D125A-265000A028

Main steam valve gland nut D125A-265000A005

Main steam valve disc assembly  D125A-265000A00H

Main steam valve pre-inlet valve M231.265.010

HP Main steam valve gasket  D600A.061.044

small turbine main steam valve upper bushing B2320E-271000A009

small turbine main steam valve locating ring  B2320E-271000A007

main steam valve gland nut D125A-265000A005

HP Main steam valve hydraulic actuator Sealing ring   D600H-432000A


The role of the cylinder:
Separated the steam turbine blading components of atmosphere, form steam energy conversion of closed space, and supporting other stationary parts of a steam turbine, such as baffle plate(Stationary blade ring), baffle plate sleeve(stationary blade carrier), steam seal, etc., Fixed inlet, exhaust, extraction steam pipe.

cylinder bolt D06-021-007

cylinder hoisting arrangement D135D-661000A

Inverted cone head bolt of high pressure cylinder combined face flange  D00.040.177 M100*4*400

high pressure cylinder combined face flange cap nut  D00.010.047 M100*4

Cylinder, piston and sealing ring M770-04300A FH-40-250-7

small turbine cylinder horizontal bolts  B3320D-021000A M46


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