Steam Turbine Overhaul & Transform
Overhaul & Transform for Steam Turbine
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YOYIK supplies spare parts as below, not limited to DFSTW, also includes HTC, STC, CCJEC, and JN power.
1000MW Nuclear steam turbine; ultra super critical steam turbine
600MW Supercritical/sub-critical condensing steam turbine; air-cooled steam turbine
300MW Sub-critical condensing steam turbine; co-generation steam turbine; air-cooled steam turbine
200MW Super high pressure condensing steam turbine; co-generation steam turbine; air-cooled steam turbine
135MW Super high pressure condensing/extraction steam turbine
75MW High pressure extraction condensing steam turbine

Transform poor expansion of steam turbine
Increase condenser heat exchanger performance
Repair cavitaton of last stage blade on steam turbine
Repair HP/IP Cylinder of steam turbine
Localize spare parts of imported steam turbine
Maintenance and overhaul for steam turbine

Spear parts for Dongfang steam turbine
Gland Ring D660B-170130C, D9.6B-160300A
lP Moving Blade D600F-203006A001
Guide Steam Pipe Bolt D00.011.360
HP Guide Steam Pipe Flange Bolt D42.291.009
IP Guide Steam Pipe Sealing Gasket D600C-029800A009
HP Guide Steam Pipe Flange Bolt D660S+021000A
HP Guide Steam Pipe Flange Gasket D600C-029800A010
Nozzle Group D55B-041000A001, D60A-041000A001
Nozzle D350F-036100A005
IP Regulating Valve Stem D600B-265400A001
Main Steam Valve Stem D125A-265000A028
Main Steam Valve Pre-Inlet Valve M231.265.010
HP Main Steam Valve Gasket D600A.061.044
BFPT Main Steam Valve Upper Bushing B2320E-271000A009
BFPT Main Steam Valve Locating Ring B2320E-271000A007
Main Steam Valve Gland Nut D125A-265000A005
Cylinder Bolt D06-021-007
Cap Nut D00.010.047 M100*4, M237-265000A031 Gh1 1/4
Turbine Cap Nut M237-265000A043 GH1 3/4
Cylinder, Piston And Sealing Ring M770-04300A FH-40-250-7
BFPT Cylinder Horizontal Bolt B3320D-021000A
Elastic Coupling D09.352.2Z
Turning Device Worm Gear Y47-231200A
BFPT Mop Coupling D3.6A.511Z
Special Stud Bolt D135D-163000A003
Steam Seal Extraction Expansion Joint M038-014200A, M701-046400A003

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