Wearing Parts for Generator4Q5388
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Stator Lead Wire Connection for Dongfang Generating Units
Insulated connection pipe, cone washer, water connector, joint sleeves, etc.
Relevant drawing No.: 3Q1952, 4Q5388, 3Q5016, 3Q5017

Stator coil assembly for Dongfang generating units
Insulation box, upper and lower coil, locking washer, End slot wedge, stator slot wedge, wedge with hole, Air gap diaphragm.
Relevant drawing No.: 3Q4868, 3Q4869, 4Q9147, 4Q7110, 4Q7419

Stator Wire Assembly
Terminal bushing assembly, insulation lead bushing assembly, sealing ring, cone end fastening screw, terminal bushing, abstraction pipe.
Relevant drawing No.: 1Q2160, 2Q2852, 4Q7535, 1Q5414, 4Q7321

Turbine generator bearing assembly for Dongfang generating units
Screw plug of bearing metal (turbine end and exciter end) tubing joint assembly 
Relevant drawing No.: 1DQ1644, 1Q1410, 1Q1891, 1Q981, 2Q2549

Turbine generator rotor assembly for Dongfang generating units
Locking washer, pressure ring, balance piece, retaining ring, ring key, Air blade (turbine end and exciter end)
Relevant drawing No.: 2Q2246, 2Q2248, 4Q9587, 4Q9588, 2Q1044

Turbine generator rotor coil assembly
End space layer, retaining ring sector insulation, Insulation end ring (turbine end), insulating cover plate (exciter end)
Relevant drawing no.: 4Q7461

Rotor leader assembly: Lead screw insulation, sealing nut.

Terminal bushing assembly: Washer, backing ring, lead screw, fan casing, etc.

Oil sealing assembly
Pressure guide tube, dowel pin, inner oil retaining cover, sealing bearing bush
Relevant drawing No.: 1Q1756, 1Q1757, 1Q4450, 1Q4449, 1Q1666, 3Q4010

Wearing Parts for Generator

Wearing Parts for Generator

Wearing Parts for GeneratorWearing Parts for GeneratorWearing Parts for Generator

2Q1689 sealing bearing
1Q1665 sealing bearing (T)
1Q1666 sealing bearing (E)
1Q1667 sealing bearing
3Q5689 seal oil baffle
4Q7721 insulation bolt
4Q5936 oil indicator
3Q7319 oil baffle
2Q2852 Terminal bushing assembly
1Q2160 Terminal bushing assembly
3Q4221 seal tile spring
4B4050 Insulating taper pin
4S6185 Thrust washer
4B4656 Lock washer
4B4473 Lock washer
4Q15889 Lock washer
4Q10193 Lock washer
DF-GT-103K 192*4.7 D327 F-grade slot wedge
DF-GT-104M 1160*1.0 D327 F-grade slot wedge gakset
DF-GT-105M 1160*0.5 D327 F-grade slot wedge gakset
4Q8924 Position block
4Q8925 Supporting block
4B4481 Lock sheet
4Q3470 O ring
3F7472 Brake block
1GS1682 cylindrical pin
1GS1605 Spring for draft tube air supply device
D0800.1107 Plug valve sealing ring
D0700.1107 Plug valve sealing ring
3Q4009 spring for steam end seal tile
3Q4010 Spring for sealing bush
4Q12871 Insulation bolt
4Q12560 insulating tube

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