Steam Seal
Steam Seal
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Steam Seal reduces the leakage of steam and prevent air entry, improve the efficiency of the unit.

1、Shaft end seal, diaphragm gl and Flow passage part steam seal.
According to different installed position can be divided into: Shaft end seal, diaphragm gland, Flow passage part steam seal.

2、According to the structure of the steam seal can be divided into: Labyrinth, Carbon ring, water sealed.

1# diaphragm sleeve
2# diaphragm sleeve
LP reverse first stage diaphragm
LP reverse second stage diaphragm
LP positive and reverse fourth & fifth stage diaphragm
LP positive and reverse first、second & third stage diaphragm
HP second stage diaphragm
HP third stage diaphragm
Diaphragm steam seal ring
Diaphragm Bite type fittings
Turbine diaphragm
IP first stage diaphragm
IP second stage diaphragm
IP third stage diaphragm

Steam Seal RingSteam Seal RingSteam Seal Ring

D26.162.3Z Steam seal ring D600H-041000A001 Steam Seal
D26.161.5Z Steam seal ring
D26.102.3Z Steam seal ring
D26.102.1Z Steam seal ring
D26.109.1Z Steam seal ring
D26.161.4Z Steam seal ring
D55B-161500A Steam seal ring
D28.164.2Z C60-8.83 Steam seal ring
D60E-102200A Steam seal ring
D55B-117200A Steam seal ring
D55B-120200A Steam seal ring
D55B-161400A Steam seal ring
D00.050.048 Steam seal block

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