Generator Overhaul & Transform
Overhaul, Transform, Spare Parts for Generator
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The technical staffs of Yoyik are the technical backbones, retired engineers, senior technicians from DFEM, still using their technology of DFEM. They are highly skilled in designing and manufacturing hydro generators, steam turbines, small and medium AC / DC motors. We also undertake maintenance and field installation, debugging, etc. Motor repair and reform are strictly in accordance with national standards, industry standards, and relevant technical standards of DFEM.

● Maintain and overhaul steam generators, exciters, hydro generator exciters, hydro generators, and large/medium AC/DC motors.
● Replace retaining ring and collector ring
● Repair and manufacture stator coil for AC/DC motors.
● Reconstruct the double squirrel cage strip-type rotor into deep trapezoidal copper cage strip rotor.
● Repair and manufacture rotors coil, cage bar, end ring, collecting ring.
● Repair and manufacture armature for DC motors
● Repair and manufacture magnet exciting coil for DC motors.
● Replace and manufacture commutator for DC motors.
● Reconstruct high-power into low-power, or high rotation speed into low rotation speed for AC motors

Generator OverhaulGenerator Overhaul

Generator Overhaul

Spare Parts for Dongfang Generators:

3Q7860 Lock washer
4Q7110 Lock washer
4Q7316 dowel pin
4Q7317 dowel pin
4Q7069 balance piece
4Q8585 inner oil retaining cover
2Q1044 Air blade (T)
2Q1045 Air blade (E)
2Q2317 oil retaining cover
4Q7472 bolt
3Q3971 outer oil retaining cover
4Q7712 double-head screw
4Q7711 nut cap
3Q4221 seal tile spring
4B4050 Insulating taper pin
4S6185 Thrust washer
4B4656 Lock washer
4B4473 Lock washer
4Q15889 Lock washer

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