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Bearings are used in steam turbine: thrust bearing and supporting bearing.

(1)Supporting bearing is bear the weight of the rotor and rotor imbalance quality produced by centrifugal force, and determine the radial position of the rotor, guarantee the rotor and cylinder center is consistent, and keep the right radial clearance between rotor and stationary part;
(2)The thrust bearing is to bear the unbalanced axial thrust on the rotor, and to determine the axial position of the rotor to ensure the correct axial clearance between the dynamic and static parts.

AB small turbine DC oil pump bearing
AB small turbine main oil pump bearing
Joint bearing
Rear bearing box cover
Front bearing box
Front bearing box oil baffle ring
Front bearing box pedestal
Front bearing box oil pipeline
thrust bearing
Supporting bearing
Supporting bearing(φ360×230)
Supporting bearing(φ360×270)
Supporting bearing(φ480)
Supporting bearing φ360
LP front bearing box oil baffle ring
LP bearing box
LP bearing box oil baffle ring
LP bearing box pedestal
Bearing inlet pipe

steam turbine bearing

D09.242.9Z Thrust Bearing D28.241.3Z Thrust Bearing
D25A.241.6Z Locating thrust bearing
D600B-511400B Floating bearing
D25A.241.8Z Working thrust bearing
T7-3-1 Sleeve bearing
T3001-3-2 Sleeve bearing
D11.241Z Thrust bearing

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