Emergency Trip System (ETS)
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Steam turbine emergency trip system (ETS) receives the stop signal from a local first meter or TSI secondary meter according to the safe operation requirements of steam turbines, control the shutdown solenoid valve to let the steam turbine shutdown in emergency, for protecting the safety of steam turbine. Emergency trip system (ETS) monitors the parameters as below. If any parameter exceeds the normal range, the shutdown valve will stop all the Actuators.


ETS monitors the steam turbine’s operation based on the sensors. Monitored parameters are as below:

Turbine over-speed 110%
EH oil low pressure
Lubricating oil low pressure
Condenser low vacuum degree
Thrust bearing abrasion (large axial displacement)
Trip signal remotely controlled by users


ETS system consists of an emergency trip block for installing shutdown solenoid valve and status pressure switch, four test trip blocks for installing pressure switch and test solenoid valve, three speed sensors, a control cabinet for installing electric and electronic hardware, and a remote control test operation panel.




Actuator Trip Valve Emergency Trip Throttle
Emergency Trip Valve Trip Module Check Valve
Trip Pressure Switch Trip Slide Valve Assembly
Trip Solenoid Valve Trip Valve/Shutoff Valve




Emergency Trip System (ETS) Devices

Emergency Trip System (ETS) Devices




D08.411Z Emergency Trip Throttle

F3SDG4S2 Trip Solenoid Valve

4WE6D62/EG110N9K4/V HP Trip Solenoid Valve

D3.6A.411Z Trip Slide Valve Assembly

CCC2.635.001 Emergency Trip Device

F3DG2S-062A-50-DFZK Mechanical Trip Valve

CCP230M Trip Solenoid Valve

D600E-465000A Emergency Trip Components

D600B-412000A Emergency Trip Device

CV-NG16-D20-L Trip Cartridge Valve

CV1-NG16-D11-L Trip Cartridge Valve

PS531SPP10/BB32N3/S3M Trip Pressure Switch

4WE6Y61/EG220NZ4VB08 Trip Solenoid Valve

ZHS40-4-N-03 Breaker Displacement Detecting Probe

3D01A011 Emergency Trip Valve

5YV 6YV 7YV 8YV Trip Solenoid Valve

HGPCV-02-B10 Trip Valve / Shutoff Valve

F3-RG-06-D3-30 Actuator Trip Valve

4WE10D33/CG220N9K4/V Trip Solenoid Valve

WZK.W.27.Z.00413 Trip Module Check Valve


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