Tilting Bearing
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It is called Mitchell radial bearings. The bearing liner consists of many bearing segments which can rotate around the fulcrum. The gap between every bearing segment serves as the bearing liner’s Oil inlet. When the journal rotates, every pad can form a oil wedge. The performance of the self-centering about this bearing is outstanding. It won’t happen the Instability phenomenon. The pad can incline freely on the support point and adjust the position separately and freely which can adapt the change of the rotate speed and bearing load.


Every pad’s oil film force can pass the journal center. It doesn’t have the component which causes axis sliding. Thus it has a good brake performance. it can effectively avoid the oil film self-oscillation and Clearance of oscillation. It can limit unbalanced oscillation. The bearing load capacity of the tilting tile transverse bearing is the vector sum of every pile’s. Therefore, its bearing capacity is lower than the single oil wedge liquid dynamic pressure transverse bearing’s, but it has better rotation accuracy and better stability. It can be widely used in high speed and low load machines, such as the turbine and grinder, etc.





Tilting Bearing M107-241200B
Tilting Bearing M165-241200B
Tilting Bearing M106.241.1Z
Tilting Bearing D600B-242000A





Tilting BearingTilting Bearing



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