Sealing Bearing
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The sealing bearing is a significant composition in hydrogen-cooled generator, preventing hydrogen leakage from the ends of both sides of the rotor.


Working principle: single flow disc seal pad has two oil cavities: the seal oil chamber and the thrust chamber. The thrust chamber is similar to the springs in mechanical seal.the oil pressure effect is on the different diameter of section which makes the seal pads always stick to the rotor’s seal plate. The seal oil pass the middle SMM’s oil hole, entering the interval between the babbit piles and the seal plates. Because the babbit pile which processes along the rotating direction of the rotor has oil wedge, thus form the oil film. Not only has the lubrication action, but also prevent the hydrogen inside leaking. The seal oil pressure always higher than the hydrogen pressure: 0.16Mpa. The sealing bearing’s every oil chamber adapts the V rubber ring to seal. Between the sealing bearings and the seal cartridge, it is allowed to relatively sliding. When the rotor expands, it drives the seal pile shift along the axial direction.


Installation: compared with the other sorts of sealing pile, the disc sealing tile’s installation is simple, for example, the generator’s rotor and the seal pad total backlash of the radial direction to 6.smm.thus it is no need to consider the problem of dynamic and static.





Sealing Bearing 02A4615 Sealing Bearing 1Q2866-S
Sealing Bearing 2Q810 Sealing Bearing 2Q2871-S
Sealing Bearing 02A4685 Sealing Bearing 1Q3434-S
Sealing Bearing 02A4686 Sealing Bearing 3Q3435-S
Sealing Bearing 03B3921 Sealing Bearing 1Q4450
Sealing Bearing 1Q1665 Sealing Bearing 1Q4452
Sealing Bearing 1Q1666 Sealing Bearing 1Q4471-S
Sealing Bearing 1Q1667 Sealing Bearing 2Q1689
Sealing Bearing 1Q1668 Sealing Bearing Oil Retainer 3Q4006
Sealing Bearing 1Q1756 Sealing Bearing Gasket 3Q4557
Sealing Bearing 1Q1757 Sealing Bearing Oil Retainer Cover 3Q7320





Sealing Bearing



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