Thrust Bearing
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Thrust bearing, also known as thrust pad, which is used to balance the axial thrust of the rotor. To establish the expansion dead point of rotor, it ensures the axial clearance between the moving parts and static parts within designed scope. Thrust bearing use steel billet plus Babbitt metal as material. Babbitt metal will melt if shaft temperature reaches 110 ℃, increasing main shaft‘s displacement space, to prevent the main shaft from high axial displacement which will cause dry friction in thrust bearing. Thrust bearing also uses tin bronze, steel billet plus fluorine plastic (suitable for higher temperatures for its low friction coefficient, with no need for scraping, will not burn even fuel is cut off) as materials. Thrust bearing is widely used in steam turbines, hydro generators, water pumps and so on.





BFP Thrust Bearing Pad B2340C-241100A BFP Thrust Bearing Pad B2340C-241200A
Locating Thrust Bearing Pad D09.242.21Z Working Thrust Bearing Pad D09.242.23Z
Thrust Bearing Pad D11.241.3Z Thrust Bearing Pad D11.241.6Z
Thrust Bearing D125A-241400A Thrust Bearing D125A-241500A
Thrust Bearing D150G-251300A Thrust Bearing D150G-251400A
Thrust Bearing D25A-241.8Z Thrust Bearing D28.241.11Z
Thrust Bearing D28.241.3Z Thrust Bearing D35A.241.8Z
Thrust Bearing D600B-243400A Thrust Bearing Oil Retainer D600C-243700A
Thrust Bearing M165-242400A Thrust Bearing M165-242600A





Thrust BearingThrust BearingThrust Bearing



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