Turbine & Generator Bearing Models
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Yoyik manufactures and supplies babbitt bearing, including bearing(T), bearing(E), seal ring, stable bearing, bearing body, supporting bearing, thrust bearing, thrust support bearing, sleeve bearing, upper bearing, lower bearing, insulating bearing, oilring, oil slinger, oil thrower, oil seal, locating bearing, non- locating bearing, bush, shaft sleeve, water guide bearing, upper guide bearing, lower guide bearing, fluoroplastic bearing, tilting pad, which covers from DEC, DFSTW, HTC, HEC, STC, SEC, to CPMW, SPEM, and Shenyang Stock.





Drawing No.
Tilting Pad M106.241.1Z, D600B-242000A
Sealing Bearing  1Q1668, 1Q1665, 1Q1672, 3Q7320
Thrust Support Bearing D55D-241000A, D12D.242.1Z
Thrust Bearing M165.242.600A, M165.242.400A
Radial Bearing M109-511000A, D135A-241000A


Exciter End Bearing 1Q1891
Sealing Bearing 2Q1689
Steam End Bearing 1Q1892
Upper Sealing Bearing 1Q1893 No. 2
Upper Half Bearing 1Q1893 No.2
Upper Half Bearing 1Q1890 No.2
Upper Half Bearing 1Q1890
Upper Half Bearing 1Q1893
360 Bearing 6T-248747 M4
Z15 Bearing 5EA.26
Z40 Bearing 5EA.263.255
Φ240 Bearing 6T-248688M4
Φ300 Bearing 6T248744 M4
Φ350 Bearing 6T-248748 M4
Ф200 Copper Bearing 3S3907
Ф240 Upper Copper Bearing 3S3717
Ф240 Intermediate Copper Bearing 3S3716
Lower Bearing with Thermometer Hole M107-241200A002
Lower Bearing with Thermometer Hole M165-241200A002
Low Speed Bearing 12056910
Positioning Thrust Bearing D11.241.3Z
Positioning Thrust Bearing D28.241.3Z
Positioning Thrust Bearing D28.241.009
Reversing Thrust Bearing D125A-251400A
Reversing Thrust Bearing M162.242.4Z
Reversing Thrust Bearing D600B-243600A
High Speed Bearing 1205690
Working Thrust Bearing D11.241.6Z
Upper Half Bearing 8EA.263.252
Upper Half Bearing 8EA.263.081
Upper Half Bearing 8EA.263.256
Upper Bearing 3GRZ550-3-21
Upper Bearing Ii 12056911
Upper Bearing I 12056908
Thrust Bearing JX42.10.87G
Φ80 Thrust Support Bearing D09.511.3Z
Bearing Seat 7925-189-05
No-Thermometer-Hole Bearing M107-241200A001
No-Thermometer-Hole Bearing M165-241200A001
Lower Half Bearing 8EA.263.253
Lower Half Bearing 8EA.263.082
Lower Half Bearing 8EA.263.257
Lower Bearing 3GRZ550-3-22
Lower Bearing II 12056912
Lower Bearing I 12056909
Forward Thrust Bearing D125A-251500A
Forward Thrust Bearing M162.242.6Z
Forward Thrust Bearing D600B-243400A
Bearing D09.511.3Z
Bearing 6T-153783-1
Bearing Φ80 D09.511.7Z
Bearing Body D11.241.11Z
Bearing Body 7925-189-05/01





Turbine & Generator Bearing ModelsTurbine & Generator Bearing ModelsTurbine & Generator Bearing Models



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