COPALTITE Sealing Compound
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COPALTITE sealing compound can work on gas, acid, freon, oil, benzene or gasoline in high temperature and high pressure condition. It is widely used in steam turbines, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers and various refrigerating systems and hydraulic systems. Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd. supplies the original COPALTITE sealing compound.


COPALTITE sealing compound is a heat resistant compound for sealing threads, flanges and high temperature and pressure fittings. COPALTITE sealing compound is particularly effective in the temperature range from 150 to 815℃. For example, after being heated for 15 minutes at 150 degrees, COPALTITE can be cured into an extremely heat-resistant and chemical resistant sealant, which has excellent resistance to vibration, thermal shock and chemicals. A permanent seal can be formed and can be removed if necessary.



This sealant has two forms: liquid and cement, which are suitable for threaded connection and machined surface, rough surface and flange accordingly.


Liquid form is smooth paste and easy to spread, can be used for thread connection and processing surface. Does not need a washer when using the sealant. It is a good gasket dressing.

Liquid form COPALTITE is available in two types: 1 quarts / can or 5 ounces / tube.


Cement form can be used in rough surfaces, warped flanges or unfinished parts. It is a thick, sticky paste with rough texture, which fills the gap of the uneven surface and is also used for grooves.

Cement form COPALTITE is also available in two types: 1 quarts / can or 5 ounces / tube.





COPALTITE Sealing CompoundCOPALTITE Sealing CompoundCOPALTITE Sealing Compound





Under the most stringent conditions, COPALTITE sealing compound is recommended for sealing gas, acid, freon, petroleum, benzene or gasoline. COPALTITE is easy to adhere and flexible, and ensures perfect sealing for vibration, expansion and contraction. For sealing thread, flange and other accessories under high temperature and high pressure conditions, COPALTITE sealant also performs well.

Steam Turbine
Heat Exchanger
Pressure Vessel
Pressure Gas Pipeline
Refrigeration System
Hydraulic System


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