Sealing O-Rings
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O-ring is the most common mechanical design for sealing, which can withstand tens of megabytes of Pascal (1000 pounds) of pressure; in oil, acid, alkali, grinding, chemical erosion and other environment still plays a good seal and shock absorption. Therefore, the O-ring is the most widely used seal in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

The O-ring used in the steam turbine anti fuel system and EHC system is mostly made of fluoro rubber, and has excellent heat resistance, antioxidation, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and atmospheric aging resistance.



- Compact structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and has self sealing function and reliable sealing performance

- High temperature resistance. General working temperature -20~250℃. O-rings made of special formula can bear low temperature at -40℃.

- Excellent oxidation resistance, also has excellent chemical resistance, resistance to most oils and solvents (except ketones and esters), weathering resistance and ozone resistance.





A156.73.52.03 TRd8.687.520
AB00710180 TRd8.687.520
AB03900300 TRd8.687.524
AC049000350 TRd8.687.527
AC04900350 TRd8.687.530
AD03400320 TRd8.687.543
DXNQ300B.1-2 TRd8.687.547
GB1235-76 TRd8.687.548
GTJ-00-11 TRd8.687.555
HB4-56J8-130 HB4-56J8-71
HB4-56J8-172 HB4-56J8-78
HB4-56J8-18 HB4-56J8-82
HB4-56J8-180 HB4-56J8-83
HB4-56J8-183 HB4-56J8-88
HB4-56J8-37 HB4-56J8-93
HB4-56J8-38 HB4-56J8-94
HB4-56J8-56 HB4-56J8-95
HB4-56J8-59 HB4-5818-2B
HB4-56J8-61 HB4-5837-2B
HB4-56J8-64 HB4-5861-2B
HB4-56J8-66 HB4-5866-2B
HB4-56J8-67 HB4-5866-2B
HB4-56J8-70 HB4-5882-2B
W.26.A.0045 W.26.A.0094
W.26.A.0055 W.26.A.0097
W.26.A.0060 W.26.A.0098
W.26.A.0061 W.26.A.0101
W.26.A.0068 W.26.A.0108
W.26.A.0069 W.26.A.0142
W.26.A.0071 W.26.A.0145
W.26.A.0072 W.26.A.0152
W.26.A.0078 W.26.A.0616
W.26.A.0082 W.26.A.0617
W.26.A.0083 W.26.A.0619
W.26.A.0085 W.26.A.0620
W.26.A.0086 W.26.A.159
W.26.A.0087 WJ01.37.016
W.26.A.0093 WJ01.37.022
WJ01.37.060 WJ01.37.035
XM-107.5-3.53-J8 XM-20-1.8-J8
XM-111-4.8-J8 XM-20-2-J8
XM-12.3-2.4-J8 XM-221.6-5.3-J8
XM-12.5-1.8-J8 XM-23-2.5-J8
XM-120.24-3.53-J8 XM-27-2.5-J8
XM-12-2-J8 XM-27-2-J8
XM-13-2-J8 XM-27-3-003
XM-15.5-2.65-J8 XM-28-3.55-J8
YJM131-0005 YJM134-0002
YJM132-0004 YJM273-0006
YJM132-0017 YJM326-0003





Sealing O-RingsSealing O-Rings



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