Automatic Control of Boiler
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Our product line for Boilers covers oil-fuel, gas, coal and combined cycle power units from 50 mw to 1000 mw in almost all domestic power plants, meanwhile are exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, India and many other countries.


Automatic control system of boiler adjusts the thermal process variables such as water supply and combustion. It has important economic significance for the safe operation and energy saving of the boiler.

The automatic control system of high temperature and high pressure drum boiler in the power plant is a typical industrial boiler control system. It consists of automatic regulation system of water supply, combustion process, superheated steam temperature and so on.





Ignition System Furnace Safety Supervisory System
Boiler Burner Electronic Air Door for Boiler Smoke Pipes
Boiler Ignition Oil Quick Switch Valve & Regulating Valve
Central Control Device for Boiler Electric Instruments and Meters





Gap Probe GJC -6/T, GJCT-15
Gap Probe


Gap Transmitter for Air Pre-heater GJCF-15
Gap Transmitter

Gap Probe GJCT-15-E (0-25MM)
gap Probe

Igniter EHE-20-B-1-18H
High-energy Igniter HDQ-1-4500
High-energy Cable EHE-20-C-1-6
Image Flame-detecting Probe WHTV-7
Sensor IFD100-SE
Flame Detector Probe EFD-II-A-1
Flame Detector Amplifier EFD-II-B-1
Globe Valve J41H-64P-DN15
Ball Valve Q61PPL-64P-DN20
Powder Coal Flame Detector FORNEY 95IRS2-2
Cable UNIFLAME-12-10
Cable DPD-10-06
Amplifier DP7000
Two-channel Amplifier RM-DR6101E
Flame Detector Power Source PK60 60-2470-2 230V 50/60HZ
Central Oil Gun Nozzle 380542-01
Oil Gun Metal Hose P/N373278-06
Igniter P/N 405676-08

 Automatic Control of Boiler


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