Globe & Check & Throttle Valve
Globe, check and throttle valve
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Globe-check-throttle valve is similar to the structure of the globe valve, but the stem and the valve is not a fixed connection. When the valve stem goes down, the valve flap is pressed on the valve seat, it acts as a globe valve; when the stem rises, it acts as a check valve. The use of globe-check valve can save installation cost and space position in pipes which needs both globe valve and check valve.

Globe check valve LJC100-16
Globe check valve LJC10-16
Globe check valve LJC15-16
Globe check valve LJC25-16
Globe check valve LJC32-16
Globe check valve LJC40-16
Globe check valve LJC50-16
Globe check valve LJC65-16
Globe check valve JC80-1.6P
Globe check valve KLJC-1.6P

Globe check valveGlobe check valve

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