Dongfang Brush Gear Assembly
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The performance of the brushgear assembly has the following requirements:

- Maintain the stability of the brush
- Easy to assemble and disassemble the brush when checking or replacing the brush
- Can adjust the exposed part of the brush to protect the commutator or collector ring from grinding
- The change of brush pressure, pressure direction and pressure position has small effects on the brush wear, and the structure is firm.
- The material has good mechanical strength, processability, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation and electrical conductivity.


Dongfang Brushgear Assembly Structure:

Brush holder, brushgear housing, brush handle, brush box, brush holder spring, carbon brush, brush lead, brush ring, brush lead.





Brushgear Housing 1QG309
Brush Handle 2DQ208
Brush Holder 2DQ160
Brush Holder 1DQ22
Brush Holder 2DQ52
Brush Holder 2DQ324
Brush Holder 3Q7127
Brush Holder 2DQ324
Carbon Brush 3DQ80
Brush box 1DQ22
Brush holder FSSW-251384102DFZK
Brush holder QFSN-625-2
Brush holder QFSN-300-2-20B
Generator carbon brush NCC634 102*38*25
Carbon brush 3DQ80
DC Motor carbon brush YD374N 20*25*40
Brush holder spring QTH4-16
Generator carbon brush spring PN4B3208
Brush holder 4B2872
Brush holder 4B3547
Carbon brush 4B1975





Brush Gear Housing Assembly Brush Gear Housing Assembly Brush Gear Housing Assembly Brush Gear Housing Assembly Brush Gear Housing Assembly


Attentions In Use


Carbon brush should be checked regularly. Brush is vulnerable parts, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust on the brush, so that the brush keeps good working condition. When the brush wears too much, it should be replaced in time.


Pay attention when replacing carbon brushes:

1. new brushes must have same specification as the original brush, so as to keep the brush in good contact with the collector ring.
2. carbon brushes on the same grade brush bar should be replaced together to make it contact with the surface of the collector ring well.
3. after replacing the new brush, it must be ground and then operated under a light load (1/3-1/4 of rated load) to smooth the contact surface and then use it normally.



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