Heating rods
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Rods is dedicated to power plant steam turbine and large mechanical hollow bolt heating with when disassembling, the bolt Heating rods in the hollow bolt by heating, make the bolt is heated, elongation, to dissect and fastening. And supporting the production of bolt heater distribution box, can display the heating rod of the current, voltage over current protection.

Drw No.
Heater Carbinet
Heating rods ZJ-19.5-650
Heating rods ZJ-19.5-800
Heating rods ZJ-19.5-850
Heating rods ZJ-20-1
Heating rods ZJ-20-1(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-2
Heating rods ZJ-20-2(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-3
Heating rods ZJ-20-3(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-3A
Heating rods ZJ-20-4
Heating rods ZJ-20-5
Heating rods ZJ-20-5A
Heating rods ZJ-20-6
Heating rods ZJ-20-6A
Heating rods ZJ-20-6(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-7
Heating rods ZJ-20-7A
Heating rods ZJ-20-8
Heating rods ZJ-20-8A
Heating rods ZJ-20-8B
Heating rods ZJ-20-8C
Heating rods ZJ-20-9
Heating rods ZJ-20-10
Heating rods ZJ-20-11
Heating rods ZJ-20-12
Heating rods ZJ-20-12(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-13
Heating rods ZJ-20-13(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-14
Heating rods ZJ-20-15
Heating rods ZJ-20-16
Heating rods ZJ-20-16A
Heating rods ZJ-20-17
Heating rods ZJ-20-17(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-18
Heating rods ZJ-20-19
Heating rods ZJ-20-19(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-19A
Heating rods ZJ-20-20
Heating rods ZJ-20-20(R)
Heating rods ZJ-20-21
Heating rods ZJ-20-22
Heating rods ZJ-20-22A
Heating rods ZJ-20-22B
Heating rods ZJ-20-23
Heating rods ZJ-20-24
Heating rods ZJ-20-25

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