Bolt Heater
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Bolt heater is specially used in heating and dismounting hollow bolts of steam turbines in power plants and large machinery. The bolt heater is placed in the hollow bolts and heated to extend the bolt so as to disassemble and fasten it. We also make the bolt heater cabinet, which can display the current and voltage overcurrent protection of the bolt heaters.


High quality Bolter Heaters shall meet the following requirements:

Electric heater requires uniform heating in operation. Partial overheating is not allowed.
Under the condition of intermittent heating, the service life of Bolter heater is not less than 50 hours.
Connection between the alloy resistance wire and the lead wire shall be firm and reliable, and no loosening shall be allowed. The shell must be well grounded.
After the Bolter heater steel bushing is cooled by the deflector, there must be no cracks on the surface. When the shell is compressed, it should be formed in one way.
Ends of the Bolter heater requires strict sealing to prevent moisture entering and destroy insulation.
After 45 days of manufacture of Bolter heater, the insulation resistance should be measured again at 500V at room temperature, and should be no less than 50M Ω.





ZJ-19.5-650 ZJ-20-6(R) ZJ-20-15
ZJ-19.5-800 ZJ-20-7 ZJ-20-16
ZJ-19.5-850 ZJ-20-7A ZJ-20-16A
ZJ-20-1 ZJ-20-8 ZJ-20-17
ZJ-20-1(R) ZJ-20-8A ZJ-20-17(R)
ZJ-20-2 ZJ-20-8B ZJ-20-18
ZJ-20-2(R) ZJ-20-8C ZJ-20-19
ZJ-20-3 ZJ-20-9 ZJ-20-19(R)
ZJ-20-3(R) ZJ-20-10 ZJ-20-19A
ZJ-20-3A ZJ-20-11 ZJ-20-20
ZJ-20-4 ZJ-20-12 ZJ-20-20(R)
ZJ-20-5 ZJ-20-12(R) ZJ-20-21
ZJ-20-5A ZJ-20-13 ZJ-20-22
ZJ-20-6 ZJ-20-13(R) ZJ-20-22A
ZJ-20-6A ZJ-20-14 ZJ-20-22B
ZJ-20-23 ZJ-20-24 ZJ-20-25





Bolt heaters
Bolt Heater Carbinet


Bolt heaters



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